We choose Apliu Street, Lee Tung Street, Sneakers' Street and Wing Lok Street and as the content for the project.

The trend of using computer gives a rise for Apliu Street, a place for buying cheap electronic components. You can sell your old electronic devices or buy things to upgrade your computer. It’s convenient for computer lovers to shop here.

For Lee Tung Street, people bought their wedding cards in the past. There are different traditional styles which is awesome and special. However, the street has vanished in recent years as the popular of e-cards become more and more popular this street is destined to disappear with


the era of advanced and modern technology age.

Sneakers' Street is a place where you can buy high quality and rather cheap sneaker. Many teenagers like sports, they also dream of being a skillful athletes and join the Olympic Games. Having a good sneakers is the first step to their dream.

You can buy the tasty ingredients from dried food street for making a soup. You don’t have to find those dried seafood tiredly.

The common characteristic of these streets is that, you can build close bonds with the staff or the boss of the shop. It’s not simply a trade, but love between the buyers and sellers.